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 ORIGINAL FRAMED PAINTING ON CANVASBYSARAH HOLMES ‘AMY, AMY, AMY’  CANVAS SIZE 27″ X 39″ FRAMED IN A HIGH GLOSS BLACK 2″ FLOAT BOXED FRAME HAND SIGNED BY SARAH HOLMESSarah is a new signing at Demontfort Fine Art Publishers and a very talented artist.You need to view this Original to appreciate it A very affordable piece of Original Art for the price of some Limited Edition Prints COMES FRAMED AS SUPPLIED BY THE PUBLISHERS DEMONTFORT FINE ARTWE ARE A MAIN STREEM GALLERY SO BUY WITH CONFIDENCE.OUR GALLERY IS OPEN TUESDAY TO SUNDAY 11AM TO 5PMTELEPHONE NO 01889 881688ProfileImpressions of iconsSarah produces art with an intensity and emotion that draws its audience into the soul of her subject. Her monochrome portraits of international iconic figures from the past and present are subtle in their execution, and raw in their finality. Combining smooth brush strokes and soft blending with stark lines and harsh edges, she builds up to 30 layers in her pieces to create a depth of vision rarely found in such a relative newcomer to the art scene. She is an undoubted rising star, and her pieces bring with them a promise of persistence and longevity.Sarah hides messages within her paintings which can be completely missed by the viewer, but once noticed, cannot be ignored! For example, beneath the right eye of a native American there is an additional, smaller eye. Hidden cats lurk in the shadows (perhaps subconsciously inspired by her own Misty and Kitty), and amongst many of the ‘scrapings’ there are ghostly apparitions – some are instantly recognisable while others are harder to find.Sarah says: “I tend to choose strong characters to paint. Charismatic people. I want to celebrate people from history that have somehow changed the world we live in or at the very least made a lasting impression on it.”   

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